Engagement Ring Workshop

Make you own Engagement Ring – DIY -Engagement Rings

Imagine spending an afternoon creating and making your own Engagement Ring. A magical day where you see from close the transformation of matter, an alchemical experience full of meaning.

Each stage of work is carefully supervised by a Professional Jewelry maker.

How it works this unique moment

First the couple will receive a briefing of what will happen and some basic information about the materials.

 And then the time comes! They begin the process with the melting of gold…and transform the little gold bar into a single object so full of meanings, so expected …. Engagement ring! We provide a different moment full of love and care that at the end generate such a special object! This experience lasts approximately 3 hours.

The Marriage Proposal in Portugal Company provide you the metal (19.2 K Gold) so you can produce your Engagement Ring in the workshop.

After the Workshop, your special music starts playing and the time has come – The Proposal Moment. After the long-awaited “yes”, sparkling wine is served to toast. Your soul mate will still be surprised with a bunch of flowers!

What is incuded?

TOTAL PRICE: Under Request*

*Due to the daily fluctuation of the gold quotation, this Package may suffer slight price changes, if not fully granted.

Contact us and be part of this amazing experience!