Engagement Rings

Find The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring in Portugal

When you are planning that magical love story of your engagement, you need the most beautiful accessory to go with it – the diamond engagement ring.  Planning your engagement in paradise is easy because it’s not hard to find the right venue or proposal ring in Portugal. We can help you show your partner how much you care with a stunning diamond engagement ring from Portugal.

What Does Your Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of your relationship. It expresses the lifetime commitment you’ve made to one another to build a lasting relationship based on love, trust, and loyalty to one another. It communicates a person’s individuality while showing that they are official, off-limits, and ready to make a life with their chosen partner.

Because of all that this ring symbolizes, it means that you must choose wisely when buying an engagement ring.

 Why Buy Your Engagement Ring in Portugal

Portuguese gold is special. Across Europe, most gold rings are 18 karats. This means that it is a mix of 75% gold and 25% of other metal/metals. (100% gold is 24 karats but is too soft to withstand daily wear). Portuguese gold has one of the highest concentrations of gold to other metals in the world. At 19.2 karat (80% gold), a Portuguese gold engagement ring is true quality.

Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

The engagement ring should, therefore, reflect your future spouse’s taste and style. Above all else, ensure the diamond quality by looking at the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat and color.

Buying a diamond engagement ring requires that you understand the process of grading a diamond and obtaining certification for your diamonds.

Where to Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring in Portugal

Choosing expert jewelers who know the industry and delivers quality craftsmanship is essential when shopping for jewelry. At Marriage Proposal in Portugal, our engagement rings are typically 19.2 karat unless otherwise noted. You can choose from a variety of gorgeous diamond engagement rings that fits your partner’s style and is a unique symbol of your love for each other. Our diamonds are all sold with certificates from our partner Ana de Lima Jewelry.

Whether you plan to propose in Lisbon, propose in Sintra, or propose in Cascais, find your perfect diamond engagement ring with Marriage Proposal in Portugal.