Engagement Ring – What You Need to Know

There is nothing more exciting than getting engaged! Do you know the history and tradition of the engagement ring? How should you use it?
In this article we will clarify some points on this topic.

Engagement Ring - Origin

History tells us that the tradition of the engagement ring comes from the Egyptians. In Egypt (2800 BC), rings were pieces made of gold or silver and were used throughout life. These jewels were found after excavations. And guess where they were found? On the third finger of the left hand of some mummies. The well-known legend, that the Egyptians believed that a vein (“amoris” vein or vein of love) connected the left ring finger directly to the heart, comes from this discovery.
The symbol of the ring was only recognized by the Catholic Church in Western culture in the 11th century, although the habit of wearing the commitment ring and wedding rings only became popular in the 16th century.

How should you wear the Engagement Ring?

We live in constant evolution and adaptation with respect to habits and traditions. Traditionally, the engagement ring must be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. If you don’t stick to traditions and old habits, wear the ring on the finger you want!

In conclusion, it is not a rule, just guidance!

• The Engagement Ring is worn by the bride on the ring finger of her right hand.
• The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. (The wedding ring must be worn in the hand on the side of the heart)
Wedding rings can be used with the accompanying Engagement Ring.

Engagement Ring - Marriage Proposal

Traditions may vary, but the fact is … a marriage proposal must be accompanied by an engagement ring! With or without diamond, small or large, simple or elaborate design, there are several formats and options! But without a doubt, you can’t miss it!


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