The Best Places to Propose in London

Thinking about proposing marriage in one of the most exciting and romantic cities in the world? Do it! London has some beautiful places to ask for your loved one’s hand

If you’re thinking of proposing in London this V-Day, don’t join the millions of mooning couples in tacky YouTube videos saying “yes” on the London Eye or on a boat down the Thames — there are plenty of really special London spots where you can put a ring on it in style.

Go classic and head to the new Spitalfields branch of Wright Brothers for romantic candlelight and ultra-fresh oysters (there are seven breeds to choose from), or drag your beloved from their bed at 5am to Parliament Hill for a sunrise proposal — their anguished sleep deprivation will melt with the first of the sun’s rays.

Or take a stroll round the Palm House at Kew Gardens, which is regarded as one of the most important surviving Victorian glass structures, and the tropical plants that live in its heated interior are lush and fruitful all year round. Not a bad metaphor for a marriage, hmm?

More suggestion in the gallery below.!


Friday 7 February 2014 –

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